FileMaker Contextual Mode Shifting

Contextual Mode Shifting – It’s a Thing! – Technique. During the Keynote at the  2015 FileMaker Developers Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Andrew Lecates mentioned a development technique we have adopted. For those of you who didn’t stop by our … Continued

FileMaker helps Arnold DaSilva’s profits grow 577%

FileMaker helps Arnold DaSilva to keep up with changes within the immigration logistics industry. In the fast moving world of immigration, organisation is everything. Papers and documents need to be processed on time, or people’s entire lives can grind to … Continued

Harmonising business at Metropolis Studios

World-renowned recording studio opts for custom solution built on the FileMaker Platform over inflexible SAP system Metropolis Studios is Europe’s largest independently owned recording, mastering, creative and production complex. In the 25 years since its inception, Metropolis has seen the … Continued